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Shock Absorbing Casters

Detailed Introduction:

For a few specialized industries, the need for a shock absorbing caster is essential to protect precision parts. Due to that, Globe Caster¡¯s products have a number of great features, which are listed below.

1. Shock absorbing casters have a stable working performance under high-speed traction. The use of ball bearings brings about an excellent rotational performance.

2. By selecting a high quality impact spring, the performance of the caster is significantly improved, thus avoiding damage caused by shock impacts.

3. The vibration resistance springs of shock absorbing casters are in a sealed state, and feature a dust and wrapping resistant performance.

Our company manufacture industrial and commercial caster with a wide range of load capacity since 1988, as a reputable shock absorbing caster and caster wheel supplier, we offer wide range of light duty, medium duty and heavy duty casters for choose. There are thousands of high quality caster wheels and casters, made with our own designed caster wheel molds, we can manufacture industrial casters based on the custom size, load capacity and materials.

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